3 Billion pairs of DNA define a human. Small changes in DNA are called SNPS.

Only 6-9 Million SNPS is all that is differentiates the DNA of 6.7 Billion people on Earth.

Today, genetic companies report on ~10% of known SNPS for the savvy consumer.

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The saliva is processed, DNA extracted and then replicated.

DNA is analyzed by SNP chips, looking key variations called markers.

Thats me, as I submit my own DNA as saliva. I also submitted a dozen close relatives.

Markers give you your Relative Risk to the average population.

Average Population Risk for a disease. This value is somewhat subjective.

Your LifeTime Risk =
Relative Risk * Average Population Risk

From Saliva to SNPs to your
LifeTime Risk
of Disease

How does DNA SNP Testing work?