3 Billion pairs of DNA define a human. Small changes in DNA are called SNPS.

Only 6-9 Million SNPS is all that is differentiates the DNA of 6.7 Billion people on Earth.

Today, genetic companies report on ~10% of known SNPS for the savvy consumer.

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My Family of 50+ people, I define as two generations away, includes parents, grandparents, cousins.

I am a typical Canadian male with no health issues whatsoever. I am just over 40 years old.

Family History

Our heritage is Northern European, we are unusual in that we tend to live well into our 90’s.

Our family has very few health issues. Limited to eye conditions or  lung cancer if they smoke.

No one has ever suffered or died from Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease, or other cancers.*

The Question to Ask is :
Do the Genetic Reports by DTC Companies match our family history for disease?