3 Billion pairs of DNA define a human. Small changes in DNA are called SNPS.

Only 6-9 Million SNPS is all that is differentiates the DNA of 6.7 Billion people on Earth.

Today, genetic companies report on ~10% of known SNPS for the savvy consumer.

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DTC Genetic Companies

33  clinical

+ 86 research
46  clinical
27  clinical


Some genetic SNP tests are unique to one company, while others are covered by two or all three companies.

There are at least 18 SNPS that all three companies test for.


Genetic SNPS and their corresponding conditions are analyzed, but the level of supporting research varies.

Clinical reports are more compelling than research reports.

4 unique
75 unique
4 unique

The Question to Ask is:
Do the Genetic Companies agree on what SNPS results mean for an individuals risk for disease, condition or a response to medicine?


  1. 1.23andMe, Navigenics and DecodeMe are called Direct to Consumer (DTC) Genetic Companies.

  2. 2.By submitting a sample of saliva, a consumer can receive a report usually in 4-8 weeks.

  3. 3.DTC companies look for small genetic variations. These are called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs for short.

  4. 4.DNA SNPS provide an individual insight into their own DNA and what it potentially means for disease, traits, and drug response.